Thrift stores are an underrated source for the fashion community to find quality items at fair prices. (Inside Social)

“Thrifting” is the act of shopping at a thrift store or second-hand shop for great styles at rock-bottom prices. The art of “thrifting” is one that not many people possess, especially me! I find that “thrifting” takes patience and a good chunk of your day. However, if you do find that you are fond of thrifting, here are a few tips on how to become a seasoned pro.

  • Go regularly, and go on off-hours.The first helps you acquire more goodies, the second is for your sanity. If you don’t go on a regular basis, you’re just asking to miss all the good variety of clothes, shoes and accessories. You can take this a step further and inquire about “restocking” day, then mark that day on your calendar and make sure you go!
  • Make a list of what you need, and refer back to it to avoid stocking up on things you don’t need. Also, racks of $3 clothes are not an excuse to pile your closet with heaps of poor-quality items.
  • Shop off-season. You’ll find the best deals and have a better selection to pick through.
  • Approach things with an open mind. If you go shopping without with an agenda in mind- A barely worn vintage Chanel jacket that fits well and is under $10- you’re probably going to be disappointed. Remember that things can be shortened, re-sized, altered entirely by you, a crafty friend, or even a tailor. If you choose to go to a tailor and factor in the tailor’s fees, it’s still cheaper (and cooler) than buying something brand new and mass-produced.
  • Try to find shops off the beaten path. Shops in areas with a high population of stylish college students will be a) picked of all the good selections, and b) pricey, look for the ones near ritzy 55+ communities. GO WILD!