I have noticed that the wrist watch has become the forgotten accessory for many. While a lot of people opt to use their mobile devices for checking the time, I still enjoy the simplicity of the time piece. Though the watch has gone through spurts of time when everybody wanted one (the G-shock), they often fade back to non-existence again.

You can find that our favorite celebrities enjoy wearing wrist watches, but not because they want to tell time. The wrist watch has become somewhat of a status symbol, thanks to brands like Hublot, Rolex, and Brietling. The flashy time pieces worn by these icons often can make the average person feel that a simple watch is not enough anymore, so they just won’t wear one. However, I have learned that your watch can say a lot about you without being “blinged out”.

Personally I prefer an analog clock for my watches but most people like to go digital. Analog watches are more appropriate for business meetings and  formal occasions, but digital watches are more for your casual days where you’re headed to class or hanging with friends. Choosing the best watch for your style means you have one that goes with everything and watches for a specific occasion.

I like having many to choose from because there are many variations of color, finishes, and bands. A watch can finish off my perfect look when bangles aren’t an option. Whatever you choose you should make sure your happy with it. Who knows, maybe one day you will upgrade to one of those high-end watches that allow you to symbolize your rising status.

But always remember: you must govern the clock, don’t let it govern you!