HUNTSVILLE, Alabama — Alabama A&M University is taking aggressive steps to make sure a sharp drop in enrollment doesn’t repeat itself in the fall.

Venita King, assistant vice president of enrollment management, said in a detailed presentation to the school’s board of trustees student affairs committee Friday that Alabama A&M is receiving favorable responses from prospective students.

Alabama A&M is attempting to overcome a 12.3 percent drop in enrollment in the fall of 2011. The school reported a fall 2011 enrollment of 5,095 students.

Applications have doubled since February 2011, and more than 2,700 students have been accepted for enrollment in August, King said.

The spike in applications, King said, is a partial result of allowing students to apply via the Internet. So have a blitz of visits to high schools throughout the Southeast as well as email communication and repeated mailings. Contacts with prospective students also are planned as a purpose for a new call center that opened on campus earlier this month.

Electronic applications, in fact, have risen to 1,807 from 941 at this time last year, King said. Read Full Article


  1. As a STUDENT of A&M they try to provide all of the possibilities for students on campus and its great to know that they want to be a mixed educated school.


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