Recently, the Alpha Omicron chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. seated of Johnson C. Smith University were suspended for acts that disobeyed the campus judicial laws for Greeks on campus.

An estimated 14 students were suspended from campus, losing scholarships, grants, and federal aid. Two of these students were actual members of the Greek fraternity and were caught in the act as well. But how did an organization like Alpha Phi Alpha who ran the yard for years, garnishing the most SGA presidents of the University, and have many members leading many community and student organizations.

Some say, when those members left, so did the fraternity. Though they are not here on campus, their reign as the top fraternity on campus still holds, as their history has marked grounds that no other fraternity has.

HBCUBuzz has contacted an Alpha from JCSU who is in the process of telling the story from the fraternity’s point of view, so stay tuned!