It’s that time again! The Basketball players are back and so are their Mrs. and mistresses. The Basketball Wives of Miami are back and the drama is in full effect! Last night’s season premiere, set in New York, was just a tease of the juicy drama that is ready to unfold this season.

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The premiere was of course all about catch up sessions and introducing new cast members Kenya and Kesha. The girls have not talked much since last season so there is indeed much to discussed.

In the beginning of the episode when Jennifer and Suzie meet up, it is revealed that Jennifer and Evelyn are no longer friends. Jennifer however is unaware of what caused the duo’s fifteen-year friendship to fall apart. When speaking to Tami, Jennifer admits that if the friendship is lost, she will be heartbroken. Evelyn, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to care at all if the friendship dies.

During a “mediation” with Shaunie and Tami, Evelyn reveals the true source of her anger towards Jennifer, her blog. Evelyn says she is upset about what Jennifer wrote about her on her blog but Jennifer says her publicist was the one who wrote the slander. Jennifer believes the two “don’t have to be friends but we don’t have to be enemies either.” But Evelyn informs her that they are indeed now enemies and that Jennifer could take her crocodile tears to her publicist.

The new girls Kenya Bell, the soon to be ex-wife of Charles Bell and Kesha Nichols, former girlfriend of Richard Jefferson, are now introduced to the rest of the cast. Kesha and old cast member Royce have mutual friends and seem to hit it off very well. While out to dinner with Jennifer and Suzie the new girls are somewhat “auditioned” by Jennifer.

Suzie starts a candid conversation at the dinner table, which makes Kesha a little uncomfortable. The next day when Kenya and Kesha meet Tami, they give a synopsis of their impressions of Jennifer and Suzie. Jennifer is “bougie” and Suzie’s very frontal conversation was told to Tami. Tami gives a report back to Jennifer and Suzie of what the girls had to say about them and of course – in true Basketball Wives fashion – they were upset.

Judging from the previews, this season is going to be nothing short of entertaining and juicy! The yelling, profanity and the fights will have Monday nights on fire!