Comedian Bill Cosby is the nation’s elder statesman, kind of a comic emeritus. And yes, the man is still funny. He’s heading down to Miles College in Birmingham, Alabama this weekend to headline two “An Evening With Bill Cosby” concerts on Friday, Feb. 17 that will raise tuition funds for approximately 100 college students at the school.

Bill Cosby dons a Miles College shirt in support of the HBCU. (The Birmingham News/Joe Songer)

Cosby has long been a proponent of education, using his groundbreaking TV show to extol its virtues. “A Different World,” a spin-off of “The Cosby Show,” was one of the only TV shows in history set at a black college and introduced many young people to the idea of attending one.

Miles College is a Christian-based school founded in 1898 in Birmingham offering church-based education and degrees in six academic divisions, including humanities, Science and education. Cosby, who himself holds and Ed.D in Education, is happy to lend his talents to the school to release students from the financial stress of attending college. To that end, proceeds from his show will go to the Miles College Institutional Scholarship Fund.

“I strongly support the Miles College Institutional Scholarship Fund because everyone should be able to have access to the best schools possible,” Cosby said in a statement. “We have a moral and societal obligation to give our young people the opportunity to succeed with their education.”

Not only will Cosby peform two shows on Friday, his host for both evenings will be actress Robin Givens, seen most recently in “The Game.” After the shows, a concert featuring the musical talents of Ramsey Lewis and “American Idol” winner Ruben Studdard takes place as well. (If you purchase the two top tier tickets for the comedy show, you’ll gain admittance to the concert.)

“Because of the generosity of Dr. Cosby, Miles College has been able to secure a new stream of financial resources that are valuable to help strengthen the institution’s scholarship fund,” said Miles College President George T. French, Jr. “This is a huge gift from Dr. Cosby, and as the president of Miles College, I promise that every dollar raised will be used towards the needs of our students.”

Last October, the college announced that Givens would become an artist-in-residence teaching theater classes at Miles College two days a week. Her year-long residency began last month.
She says she is elated to participate in the Cosby event.

“Not only does Mr. Cosby hold a special place in my heart, but he holds a special place in the world of entertainment and as a humanitarian,” says Givens, who got her first acting job on “The Cosby Show.”  “I am in awe of being asked to host this evening honoring my longtime mentor and friend.”

You can purchase tickets for the 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. shows of “An Evening With Bill Cosby” at and or by calling (205) 929-1444.