HBCUBuzz was there to witness the 20th Annual Woman to Woman Conference at Howard University. Here are what people had to say about the event.

Jazsmin Watson-Booth, Public Relations Committee Chair

“Two decades later, it’s definitely gotten a lot larger. We’re trying to bring a lot more keynote speakers that the girls can relate to, that are influential but the same time respectable young women. We think that we’ve done that this year with Tatyana Ali and we hope that the girls walked away with a lot more self-empowerment.”

Odunjo Copeland, Member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Q: Why did you attend the Woman to Woman conference?
A: “We took an interest in the Woman to Woman conference, because we understand that as young black women there are a lot of trials and tribulations that often happen in the community and something as supportive as this program that the Deltas are throwing today is a good inspiration for the black women in the community, to see what their options are after high school, after graduation, and for college especially, which is an important period in their lives.”

Tyesha Newman, Seed public Charter school Washington DC.

Q: What was your favorite part of the event?

A: “Meeting Tatayana Ali, she was beautiful she told me to have self confidence and to always follow my instincts.”

Angie Ange, Radio Personality with 93.9 WKYS

Q: What did you think of the conference?
A: “The Deltas do it again! with an amazing conference. This is probably my 4th year working with the Woman to Woman conference, it is always great to see students at Howard bring out the community, giving back to the community having all these young ladies to see not just speakers like Tatyana Ali or myself but also the students to see young black women in college and supporting them and saying hey I’m here for you I’m your big sister that is a really big deal and they do it constantly every year. They feed them well, treat them well and im sure all of these young ladies have gotten something positive out of it for the day so that’s a plus.”