It’s ladies night on T.I. and Tiny: Family Hustle! While T.I. is hard at work on his next album, Tiny and Shekinah Jo have come up with an business plan that will take the hairdressing world by storm… Maybe…Possibly…once they work out who gets what.

Meet Shekinah, the next Madame CJ Walker!

The new invention, which hasn’t even been named yet, is designed to shorten the length of time under the dryer. Tiny thinks this a wonderful idea and after seeing a successful trial of the product, wants a hand in the operation.

However, during this initial trial run,  Shekinah cuts her hand and the paramedics are called. She is rushed to the hospital but as it turns out,  Shekinah was being her usually over dramatic self. The cut was nearly microscopic, but to Shekinah it was a mortal wound.

After Shekinah’s life is saved, everybody goes back to business. The ladies find themselves divided on how to split the profits. Shekinah says 50/50; Tiny says 60/40.

After discussing her business proposition with T.I.,  he lets her know right away he doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Zonnique and little Major also chime in and inform Mommy that it may not be the best decision. Tiny and Shenikah still can’t come to an agreement, so they seek the help of a mediator.

With the opinionated ladies at odds, the mediator was not able to do much mediating. Profanity and insults were thrown all across the room but within due time, the agreement of a 44/56 deal was made, with Tiny getting the 56 %.

T.I.  isn’t having his wife’s problems when it comes to working with a friend. T.I. and R&B star Usher have collaborated on a new track that both think is going to be a major hit. We’re definitely looking forward to hearing their work.