Zonnique has come home from her Scream Tour with her band OMG Girlz. The fact that she is no longer a baby girl, but now a blossoming young woman has now set in with Poppa Harris. Zonnique has her sixteenth birthday approaching and every sixteen-year-old wants their right of passage: a car! But first, Zonnique must learn how to drive, although finding the proper instructor for her may be a problem.

T.I. does not have a valid license due to his prior convictions and Tiny, according to T.I. is not the best driver and tends to have “freak accidents” a little too often. But the driving talk must be pushed to the side because the OMG Girlz are getting ready to shoot their first music video and a photo shoot with Hype Hair.

T.I. with his daughter, Zonnique.

While on the set of their video and photo shoot, T.I. has a few issues with the girls’ wardrobe. The see through shirts and wedged heels do not sit well with T.I. and his old fashioned ways.

As he states when he was fifteen, “the girls that wore wedges also wore smudged lipstick.” In a father daughter talk with Zonnique,I he tells her it’s hard to accept the fact she’s grown up so fast and its not her that he didn’t trust but the little boys after her.

After all in his own words as a father it’s his duty to “keep his sons out of jail and daughters out of the strip club.” It is understandable where T.I. is coming from. Girls in today’s society are growing up too fast but Zonnique seems like a good kid and with T.I. around there’s little doubt she’ll ever get out of hand.