Tiny wants to add baby number seven to the Harris household! Tiny is having baby fever and is seriously considering getting pregnant again, preferably with a girl. Tiny pays her doctor a visit and is informed she needs to get back in shape in order to make the baby dream a reality. To get back in shape, Tiny starts bike riding with her hubby. However, bike riding sounds a lot easier than it actually is.

During a couple’s bike ride, Tiny makes a screeching U-turn when they approach a hill but T.I. being the trooper he is, keeps on peddling but succumbs to the intensity of the hill. The chain on his bike breaks and as he is stranded on the side of the road trying to fix his bike. A fan comes by and wants to give Tip his CD and request to be under his management. However, the adoring fan fails to offer T.I a ride. That guy has a more likely chance of becoming the President of Russia before being signed to Grand Hustle.

Back to the baby: Tiny expresses her desires of adding a new member to the family to her husband, and the Rubber Band Man immediately disagrees. T.I. points out that the couple already has six children that need special and individual attention and the house they are currently living in is already too small. But that doesn’t change Tiny’s mind, as she is still on board of the baby train.