Irv really knows how to make people feel comfortable.

Tasha and Melanie are seated in the same skybox to watch the San Diego Sabers play, which makes for an awkward situation since the two are not on speaking terms. Tasha stoops to childish tactics and throws a piece of shrimp at Melanie. These two have a childish, petty feud but it seems to be fueling the show’s ratings.

And finally, “The Game” has something to do with…you know…a game. At one point, one could easily forget that this all centers around football.

As Janae, the mother of Derwin’s son, arrives in the sky-box, Melanie tries to make peace with her by making conversation and sitting with her. When Janae’s new romantic interest Noah joins them, Melanie invites the couple over for cocktails and dinner.

During dinner, Derwin’s obnoxious manager, Irv stops by and makes a very crude comment about African-American stereotypes, referring to the fact that Derwin has a child with Janae but is married to Melanie. As Janae and Melanie slip away from the dinner table, Janae announces that she and her beau Noah are engaged but begs Melanie not to tell Derwin.

However, once the couple leaves Derwin discloses the fact that he can’t stand Noah. Melanie decides to have a “truth moment” and asks Derwin if the reason he doesn’t like Noah is because he wants Janae for himself, of course Derwin denies Melanie’s allegations but once Melanie drops Janae’s secret, its obvious the news isn’t sitting well with Derwin.

T.T. is urging Tasha to get her groove back, even if it means having to hire someone to make that happen. Tasha can’t imagine paying for sex and picks up a guy the old fashion way- at the bar.

Tasha ends up having a one-night stand with her pick up but as it turns out he is a “sex therapist” and charges very heavily for what he does. Once Tasha refuses to pay, he lets her know that with one phone call she could be chopped to pieces lying in a trash bag. Tasha ends up paying him for his services and he proceeds about his merry way.