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Jason is starting to have feelings for Chardonnay, his wife whom he married during a drunken night in Tahiti. Chardonnay is different from the women Jason is usually attracted to, mainly because she is black. Chardonnay on the other hand, feels she and Jason should go their separate ways after the annullment. However, after Jason shows her how genuinely interested he is in her she decides to continue seeing him after the annullment.

At the Davis household, Melanie and Derwin are still trying to make a baby. Melanie has gone so far as to include “give me a baby” on the memo line of her offering checks for church. Derwin thinks Melanie is using God as a “genie” hoping He’ll grant her wishes and is disappointed in the new church Melanie has chosen for them.

At the new church, Melanie and Derwin have reserved seats in the V.I.P section of the church and the pastor holds up the service when the couple is running late. Derwin feels the V.I.P. section is more about celebrity than church, and despite Girl Melanie’s objections, they return to their old church where they now have to “sit in coach, with the regular people.” When there, they are bombarded with fans and people on the ‘down and out’ looking for a handout.

An elderly church member by the name of Celeste asks the congregation to pray for her and her family who have fallen on hard times. Melanie realizes how fortunate she is to be so blessed.

Guest stars of last night’s episode include Deery Davis and Irma P. Hall. Be sure to tune in for next week’s episode, “Drink, Pray, Love.”