The ladies of the Basketball Wives cast bring yet another week of drama… all in good taste, of course. Jennifer has a new place in New York City and Suzie stops by to see, bringing the housewarming gift of gossip! The topic of their conversation is Kenya and her failed attempts at trying to shoot her first video. Instead of serving champagne, she would like to serve Kool Aid and tries to talk the club owner down from their usual rate of $1,000 per hour to $50 per hour.

Needless to say, these glamour girls found Kenya’s ways to be too tacky! Kenya, however, shoots her first video and from the looks of it, it may be something big.  Evelyn meets up with Kesha to get to know her a little better without the other girls around. A comment made by Tami comes up in the conversation. The comment was geared toward Kesha’s race. Kesha, who is biracial but has more Caucasian features and “talks white” according to Tami, was very offended by Tami’s remarks. She confides in Evelyn and Evelyn gives her the advice of talking to Tami and letting her know how she felt about the comment.

Evelyn, however gets to Tami first before Kesha gets a chance to say what she has to say to her. With Kesha’s charity event coming up, Tami politely chooses not to mention it there but it will be addressed!

Jennifer’s lip-gloss line, Lucid, is now available in stores (such a shameless advertising plug by the way…) and she is throwing a launch party. The only girls there to show support though are Suzie and Kenya; and when Suzie asks where are the others, Jennifer replies with “the important people are here.” But we later find out Tami, one of Jen’s good friends, was not invited. Is that foreshadowing for future drama? HYFR

At Kesha’s charity event, she gives the crew a little speech on etiquette. The girls are highly offended… they never act out in public! The speech only fuels Tami’s dislike for Kesha.

As the girls are out to dinner, Tami feels its right to address the issue between her and Kesha. Tami feels Kesha should have came to her first and not Evelyn. The conversation gets heated and Tami proceeds to call Kesha out of her name. When Kesha asks Tami to give her some respect, Tami tells her she will respect her when she feels like it. Kenya, who previously had a beef with Kesha, is loving all of the flack Tami is giving her and is outright laughing in her face.

But once Tami and Evelyn leave, Kenya tries to offer encouraging words of wisdom… giving Suzie another reason to think she is bipolar.