The fight between Evelyn and Jennifer from last week continues! Evelyn had to be escorted out of Shaunie’s birthday dinner but she didn’t go down without a fight.

Although surrounded by people, Evelyn finds a little space of opportunity, squeezes her purse through it, and pops Jennifer in the head. As Evelyn waits outside for Jennifer, everyone begins to fear for Jennifer’s safety and tries to talk Evelyn out of anything she will regret. Kenya finds this to be a good time to share some advice…that nobody cares about.

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Evelyn is eventually pushed into a car and sent home and Jennifer is safely escorted from the building.

The next day Suzie and Jennifer get together to talk about what happened the previous night. Jennifer is still very confused as to why Evelyn is mad at her and feels Evelyn started the while blow out with her not so sincere birthday toast to Shaunie. And Jennifer wants nothing to do with somebody that will assault her with their pocket book.

Does Evelyn feel bad about what she did to Jennifer and her speech? Nope! But she does feel bad about the Tami and Kesha incident. She doesn’t want Kesha to feel like she threw her under the bus with Tami because she actually does like her. The real problem they believe is Kenya and that she is a liar and will do anything to be in the circle, even put up with the jokes and jabs the ladies throw at her.

Tami is sent a video of a radio interview Kenya had. In the interview the radio host was bashing the rest of the cast and called them “everything but the child of God” in Tami’s words. But Kenya just sat there and laughed hysterically….same way she did when Kesha was being chewed out by Tami. Kenya however swears that she defended the girls despite the video evidence that says other wise.
All of the women decide to meet up and have a pow wow about the Kesha and Kenya battle and decipher who is telling the truth. Kenya and Kesha begin arguing each calling the other a liar.

Kenya gets rowled up and takes her shoes off like she is ready to fight and calls Kesha a “half alien, half man looking h#$”. Kesha decides its time to fight fire with fire and tells Evelyn Kenya called her loose. Kenya however doesn’t recall exactly what she said but yet can always remember what everybody else said! On next week’s episode Evelyn turns her rage towards Kenya for her comments and throws a glass of wine at her….its going to be good!


  1. Evelyn is so extra.

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