“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”

— Jack Welch

Do you have a vision? Are you honest, and understanding? Are you strong, independent, and willing to FOLLOW, listen and help others?

Where are our leaders?

Have the people with these characteristics at our HBCUs faded into the background or conformed to what is “cool” rather than stepping out and being different.

Has the title lost its significance?

I asked a sophomore who attends a HBCU how she sees the leaders on her campus. She was quiet and then said, “I really don’t see many leaders, only clicks.”

I asked a recent graduate of a HBCU leadership was exemplified when she attended college,” I felt like a lot of people talked but did nothing, there were a few who shined and set an example for me personally, but not many.”

How does this outlook affect our HBCUs? The answer is simple- our entire race may suffer because those who have the abilities to uphold the standards are not living up to it. Who will the next generation look up to?

To attend a HBCU means so much. The first day you step on the yard, you are a role model to somebody. You in some way shape or form give hope to someone who may someday attend a HBCU.

Of course every campus may go through a “dry spell” but how long should that last? How long should students who attend HBCUs continue to repeat the cycle?

It must stop….how can you help?

Form an understanding of who you are as a leader and exactly what you can do is important. Growth is important. Everyone can’t be the boss someone must sit back and follow. Followers determine if the leader is making an impact, they trust their leader, are confident in their decisions, inspired, and see the bigger picture. They are a key component of the vision.

Everyone possesses or can possess qualities of a leader.

As more and more HBCUs are under the threat of closing and racial tension continues to show its ugly head leaders are needed even more to stand up, and if you’re brave enough…


I charge all the leaders to rise to the occasion and make a GREAT impact on your perspective campuses, communities, and your fellow institutions…if not now…when?