It’s time for the two youngest Harris kids to follow in the footsteps of their parents and siblings and join the entertainment industry.

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As the family heads out to Los Angeles for the OMG Girlz contract signing with Interscope Records, what would be a  greater time than now to start the boys’ career? With help from a friend of Tiny’s, the boys are sent on a photo-shoot that goes suprisingly well.

But when the boys head over to auditions, things take a turn for the worse. Baby Major forgets his lines and both boys keep looking out to the audience instead of at each other as they recite their lines. After a few takes, it all comes together and they then head over to a potential movie casting.

But once in front of the producers, King gets very shy and can’t show the producers what he has to offer. He has to be pulled to the side by Tiny and given a pep talk. His little brother Major on the other hand, has no problem showing off what he can do. Will Major and King be the next Harris’ to make it big? That is yet to be seen!