It’s fashion show time! Tasha and Melanie have been vying for position of chairperson for The Sunbeams annual charity fashion show! In the end, Melanie gains the position when Tasha backed out. Melanie plans on making this show better than New York Fashion Week.

As Tasha takes a seat in the nosebleed section, she sees Reynaldo escorting another woman for the evening. Tasha then does what Tasha Mack does best: storms over and begins to give Reynaldo a few choice words.

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To pacify Tasha, he offers her a freebee but Tasha paid him to be exclusive with her and she yells out “I’m done paying your &#% for sex” not realizing that all the mics are on and the whole audience hears. Tasha runs off to the bathroom and Melanie runs behind her to console her.

Tired of their ongoing feud, Derwin and T.T lock the two in the bathroom so they can work out their problems. Tasha tells Melanie she doesn’t miss her whining and Melanie doesn’t miss Tasha’s bullying.

Then the argument takes a turn for the worse and becomes a smacking fest. After the blows come to an end, Tasha reveals the real reason she is so upset- Melanie has not apologized for taking over as Derwin’s manager. Melanie, who thought she did apologize, feels so embarrassed by her behavior. The two finally patch things up and begin to catch up on old times. This reunion is long over due!


Malik is having a private party with three models who should be on the runway…but he is having some technical difficulties. He realizes he still has feelings for his former love interest, Jenna, who is still in rehab. He pays Jenna a visit and she gives her permission for him to “see” other women. When Malik returns to the models, everything is back in working order and he is in full effect!