“The Game” has been full of drama as always for the hottest comedy-drama on TV

Secret Lovers

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Derwin spills the beans to Janae that he knows about her engagement. Janae doesn’t understand why Derwin cares so much…does he want that old thang back? After all, he claims to no longer want her and is married to Melanie but every time she begins to see someone new, he has a problem with it. However, Derwin swears his only concern is his son D.J.

Janae confronts Melanie about her loose lips, saying she just wants to move on with her life. Melanie tries to fix the problem she created and her new “friendship” with Janae by setting up a get together with Noah and Derwin, unbeknownst to Derwin.

During the get together, Derwin constantly repeats that Janae and D.J. are his family, thus explaining why he bought Janae the house she currently lives in. Noah senses that Derwin’s problem is not about D.J.’s well-being, but he still has feelings for Janae.

As their discussion gets heated, they notice a fan videotaping the argument. Derwin asks the guy to put the camera away. He refuses, so Noah bumps the camera causing it to drop to the floor and crack. Derwin thanks him and they continue their conversation civilly.

Once Melanie feels she has made things right, she calls Janae to see if things can be mended and then invites herself to accompany Janae as she goes shopping for wedding dresses. However, Janae stands her up.

When the two bump into each other, the conversation takes a nasty turn. Janae accuses Melanie of only caring about her and Noah’s relationship to secure her and Derwin’s. Angrily, Janae tells Melanie she is just mad she can’t give Derwin a baby of their own. Janae realizes she took it to far and tries to apologize but Melanie just walks away.

How Tasha Got Her Groove Back

Tasha runs into her $3,000 one-night stand, Reynaldo, at her favorite bar. As they are talking, Malik pops in and begins to drill Tasha’s “friend.” Later that night, Tasha and her “sex therapist” go back to her place for another sex session- and this one was on the house.

The next night Malik sees Reynaldo as he is out on a “job” and tells Tasha she needs to go check him for bringing another woman out to their spot. Enraged, Tasha throws a drink in his face and storms out of the bar. When Reynaldo comes to Tasha’s apartment later for an explanation, she makes him an offer of becoming her full-time lover and he gladly accepts.