Six Wiley College students have been banned from the campus while school officials investigate an alleged hazing. Administrators tell KSLA News 12 that a few students have come forward saying they were physically abused while trying to join the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity.  The six fraternity brothers that were suspended said they are innocent.

“The information they provided was credible enough for us to take the step of an interim suspension,” Wiley College Vice President Joseph Morale.

Administrators at Wiley have also put a staff member, who allegedly played a role in the hazing, on administrative leave without pay.

“Pending the investigation, may in fact warrant further disciplinary action,” said Morale.

Both the college and the national fraternity have anti-hazing policies in place. On their website it reads “No chapter of Phi Beta Sigma shall indulge in any physical abuse or undignified treatment (hazing) of its members or prospective members.” The policy prohibits actions such as paddling, and excessive fatigue.

KSLA News 12 reached out to the Phi Beta Sigma headquarters but they declined to comment on the case. However, one of the fraternity members, not mentioned in the allegations, said his frat brothers are innocent.

“They say they have evidence but they haven’t shown us. So, they’re like just kicking us out without any evidence, or showing us, or letting us see any pictures or anything like that. It’s like we have to take their word for it,” Shawn Groce with Phi Beta Sigma.

The school’s administration said after their investigation is complete the six students will have a chance to state their case to a panel of fellow students and staff members.  If they are found guilty of hazing Vice President Morale said one possible option on the table is completely shutting down the local chapter of Phi Beta Sigma.