It’s another week of fussing, fighting and…bottle throwing?! Yes bottle throwing! But we shall get to that momentarily!

Tami and Suzie patch things up after Suzie’s comment about Tami coming a long way from food stamps “hurts her feelings”. Suzie assures Tami she didn’t mean anything by it and apologizes. Tami takes it very well and accepts Suzie’s apology.

Shaunie wins mother of the year award when she gets Mindless Behavior to show up at her daughter Mimi’s 10th birthday party. Mimi is Mindless Behavior’s girl for the day and she gets to accompany them on stage at their concert.

But the talk of the episode is part 2 of the Evelyn and Kenya showdown. The pow wow from last week’s episode continues and Kenya is still saying she does not remember exactly what she said about Evelyn.

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One minute she says Kesha’s statements are false and she just wants the other girls to hate her and the next minute she admits to saying things about Evelyn.

Meanwhile, Kesha asks her friend Sakara who was a witness to Kenya’s statements to tell Evelyn what she heard. Of course, Sakara backs what Kesha is saying and this all Evelyn needed to hear. The girls get together for yet another pow wow and Evelyn gives Kenya another chance to come clean about what she said. Kenya hits Evelyn with “I don’t recall” and Evelyn loses it.

She storms across the table and throws a glass bottle aimed for Kenya’s head. Kenya, being a wise woman, runs for cover.

Next episode we’ll see if Evelyn actually gets a whole of Kenya.