Former University of Georgia athletic director Damon Evans made an appearance at Morehouse College Friday. It’s been nearly two years since Evans resigned as the athletic director of the University of Georgia after he was arrested for driving drunk. Evans and Courtney Fuhrmann, a woman who is not his wife, were pulled over by the Georgia State Patrol in July of 2010. Investigators say Evans was found with women’s panties between his legs.

Evans spoke at a sports-themed symposium for students looking to become sports agents, athletic directors or general managers. He shared the story of his fall from grace as a cautionary, yet redemptive, tale.

“I made a major mistake in my personal and professional life. I called it a leadership failure. The message is, learn from your mistakes, make sure you build relationships, because you never know what is going to happen in life. Leadership is still crucial to me and I am going to do everything that I can to make people believe in me again, but most importantly, take care of my family,” said Evans.

The message resonated with students.

“That in itself is one of the character traits that a good leader needs to have. To know that you have fallen but to still have the determination to make your rise back up in the public’s eye as the person you once were. I find that very inspirational,” said Malcolm McLachlan, a rising freshman at Morehouse.

Evans lives in Boston and works at a data-storage company. Although he may be hundreds of miles away, his alma mater and former employer are not far from his mind.

“I still root for them. I want them to have great success, but all those memories come back. I was standing on that sideline. I was sitting up in that box. I was talking to Coach Richt. I was talking to the players. I don’t get to do that anymore just root from afar and I will continue to do so,” Evans said.