I met a budding designer threw mutual followers via twitter about a year ago, and I absolutely fell in love with his designs. I saw him “twitpic” a few items and I wondered who the designer was and when he told me he did all the work (“including the sewing) I was floored. So now that he has a follower for life, as long as he keeps posting his astounding pieces, I want to formally introduce him to you fashion forward youth!

Name:  Bryan Scott
Age: 24
Classification:  Senior
Company Name:  Jocque Larou inc.
HBCU: Morgan State University

His pieces are on trend with what’s hot in today’s style and fashion. He transforms pricey pieces from celebrity closets and runway shows, to affordable ready-to-wear pieces for the haute budgetista. Check out his interview, and a plethora of his pieces!!

1. What’s the name of the clothing line??

Jocque Larou

2. Who are the main people in this “Group” or are you Solo??

I am a solo designer.

3. What was your inspiration to start a clothing line??

I had ideas that I hadn’t seen in store or the streets so I put my ideas on the runway and people liked them, after that the money was the motivation.

4. That must have been an interesting feeling??

It was a good feeling to know that other people accepted and had some sense of appreciation for my ideas.

5. What kind of pieces center around the line?

I design more party dresses as my speciality, although around prom season, I tend to get really busy creating evening wear for the young ladies.

6. Who do you collaborate with to come up with design ideas??

I don’t collaborate with anyone on design. Most of my pieces are either inspired by an experience of something I’ve seen, or done; if not it’s all imagination and creativity.

7. Is there a target audience??

I tend to target females between the ages of 18 to 30. They tend to appreciate my style of design the most.

8. Where do you see this line within the next 3 years?

Well I’m already in a few boutiques now but I’m working to start my own small one here in Baltimore.

9. Do you have a website?

My website is a work in progress but it’s definitely on the way.

10. Are you planning or in any Fashion Shows?

Or maybe just a showcase?? I have a showcase for winter 2012 collections and I’m doing a show at my school this spring.

Follow him on twitter for more at: (@FashionRehab101)