Over the years HRC has been tasked with defeating legislation and ballot initiatives that directly target at LGBT equality across the US. And as a part of the staff I take great pride in my ability to lend a hand in the efforts towards defeating these attacks on our community and gaining full LGBT equality.

HRC, a coalition partner with Protect ALL NC Families, is helping with the final push in North Carolina to turn back the constitutional amendment that will define marriage in the state as that between one woman and one man.   On May 8 the people of North Carolina will be faced with deciding if all families in North Carolina deserve protection and legal rights.  I am working at Historically Black Colleges and Universities to ensure that students there vote against Amendment 1.

The fight against Amendment 1 is sizzling because students from colleges all across the state are demanding their voices be heard. Students from Winston Salem State University, Central University, Bennett College, North Carolina A&T State University, and others have been spreading the word about the harms of Amendment 1.  At Winston-Salem state this week, students in the gay-straight alliance, together with students from the NAACP student group, invited Rev. Dr. William Barber, President of the North Carolina NAACP chapter, to talk about the importance of voting. The event has hit press all over the state and now other colleges are putting together similar events to spread the word about the harm of the Amendment. Here is a link to the press segment that went viral on the evening news after the rally

HBCU’s have played a big part in getting the word out—as institutions they have put their names behind the coalition in the fight to protect ALL North Carolina families. North Carolina Central University and North Carolina A&T State University have both released statements condemning the discriminatory Amendment.

Early voting began on April 19 and we joined the college community of Greensboro, now known as Join the Revolution, in a march to the polls aiming to get 40 percent of the college vote on the first day of early voting. Students joined in from every college in Greensboro to march to the board of elections to be the first to vote against Amendment 1. Between now and May 8 students from across the state will be coming together to make sure that people know that this Amendment is not just about the LGBT community, it’s about the discrimination against of all people in the state of North Carolina. Referenced from hrc