Thieves ordered some Spelman College students and their friends to strip down to their underwear and jump into a pond during an early-morning robbery.

The incident happened at about 2 a.m. at Dean Rusk Park, just west of the southwest Atlanta campus near downtown.The victims, three females and two males, told police that the robbers were holding hands and walking behind them at the park. When the robbers got closer, they dropped their hands and pulled out guns.”They told them to remove their clothes and (the robbers) left with their clothes,” Atlanta Police Capt. Adam Lee said. “They also ordered them to jump into the pond, which is at (the park), so they all got wet.”After the robbery, police got a call from a nearby address alerting them about the incident.Police said the robbers got away with cellphones, car keys and wallets, which had no money inside, just credit cards.Police officials said they are investigating the case but they don’t have much to go on with a limited description.

They have not indicated why the victims were at the park after hours. None of them were hurt. Read More