Dr. Andrew Blake, associate professor of English in the Department of English and Foreign Languages at DSU, has published a book titled African Students Studying in America:  Their Experiences and Adjustment Problems at an HBCU.

Dr. Blake’s work takes an in depth look at the adjustments and experiences of International students as they come to the United States to further their education. The book breaks down the general issues and experiences facing African students in higher levels of education in the states, and then investigates the experiences of African students at a historically black institution, Delaware State University.

Dr. Blake’s book provides a rare study on Africans studying in the states, specifically at an HBCU.

“The idea of a book stemmed from a study I did because of the increased presence of international students at Delaware State University and my own personal experience at Delaware State University and Howard University [which he transferred from],” Blake said.

He interviewed 57 DSU students. While an overwhelming majority of African students stated that they have had a very good experience at DSU, a larger proportion of females than males stated that they have had good experiences.

“The African students stated that they had no problems making friends with African Americans in particular and Americans in general, although some of them said that they occasionally experienced subtle discriminatory comments,” he said.

“Dr. Blake has presented papers at national conferences addressing the adjustment problems of international students on U.S. college campuses.  His study is referenced in the Center for Immigration Studies website.  Dr. Blake has also served as a staff writer for newspapers in Delaware and has served in administrative positions at DSU and Lincoln University, PA.” – www.desu.edu

His new book can be found anywhere books are sold including Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.