A new program at Johnson C. Smith University will prepare its students live a sustainable lifestyle off the natural land. Students will have the facilities to learn key tools of sustainability such as energy efficiency, water conservation, gardening, and composting.

“We are preparing a sustainable village for our students to live, and learn how to become sustainable in their everyday lives,” says Jonathan Pullin, an adjunct professor of chemistry.

The village will also have an aquaponic garden which will house fish, namely tilapia, that the students hope to be able to eat as well.

The teachings the students learn will not only help in their daily lives, but also in the surrounding Charlotte community and abroad in Haiti. “Students are preparing to go to Haiti and replicate what I teach them in the class to the local community” Says Pullin.

JCSU hopes to have the village running by the end of the year to have fall crops in the 18 gardening beds.