Is there any correlation/similarities between the African-American retention rates at primarily white institutions (PWIs) versus historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs)?  What are the factors, if any, causing and/or preventing students from graduating and accomplishing and undergraduate graduation on time (within 4-5 years)?”  I was told I would receive a response and be connected with a student government officials so these questions could be answered and overall concerns I have, they we may both have, could be discussed.


Question From,

TJ Watters

Undergraduate | Indiana University


  1. What we’ve seen, or more so felt, within some portions of the undergraduate African-American community at Indiana University, is that students are not graduating, or that path towards graduation is constantly being hindered across the board at various higher-educational institutions. What I trying to figure out is, “Are the same indifferences occurring at HBCUs among the majority A-A population versus a minority population at PWIs?” Because if it is, then we have more of a problem among hands regarding our thinking towards college, higher education and how we handle obstacles that interfere with these goals than we realize.

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