Another Tennessee State representative is recognized, as Dr. Paula Van Goes was selected to travel to St. Andrews Scotland as a part of the World Saxophone Congress along with around 1,000 other musicians from around the world.

Dr. Van Goes will be performing a piece written by Rademes Gnattali, a Brazilian composer, called Conceritino for Alto Saxophone on July 14th. This performance will be her debut at the World Congress along with around 200 other talented musicians.

Dr. Van Goes has previously toured throughout the United States as well as Bolivia, Brazil and Ukraine with the flute, clarinet, and saxophone. As both an instructor and a musician she has won many awards and presented many Brazilian works as well as musical pieces promoting the saxophone as a classical instrument.

Dr. Van Goes holds a Bachelor of Music from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Masters of Arts in Music from the University of Missouri-Kansas and a Doctor of Musical Arts from the University of Maryland.

Article Source: TSU Press Release