The Republican National Convention is meeting all week and apparently, racism was intertwined with the meeting. Patricia Carroll was assaulted with peanuts by two attenders and the product of oppression through racial slurs. In an interview with Richard Prince’s Journal-ISMS of the Maynard Institute, Carroll said, she does not want her situation to be used for political advantage. She said, “This situation could happen to me at the Democratic convention or standing on the street corner. Racism is a global issue.”

No one took the names of the attendees who threw peanuts at her on Tuesday after she alerted other camera operators, producers and CNN security. Carroll, who is from Alabama, says she was not surprised. She said, “You come to places like this, you can count the black people on your hand. They see us doing things they don’t think I should do.”

Patricia Carroll ended the interview saying she’s not interested in talking to any other media outlets about the incident.