Concordia College men’s cross country coach Garrick Larson is on medical leave while recovering from West Nile virus. It’s been a battle of fatigue that Larson appears to slowly be winning.

The veteran coach, who has been at Concordia since 1997, was hospitalized for a week at the end of July after checking himself into the emergency room with a high fever and bad headache.

“I couldn’t tell you how bad it felt,” he said. “I’ve felt nothing close to that in my life and I knew I was in trouble.”

He was diagnosed with West Nile a few days later, a virus that is carried by a certain species of mosquito. Larson contracted a severe version of it, which oftentimes goes undetected or mistaken as the flu for most people.

“Less than 1 percent end up with the severe case,” Larson said. read more…