Discussions aplenty abound about the Felton Laboratory School at South Carolina State University. A past, a present, and a future existence fuels major discussions about it. While the discussions are mixed, they are favorable to Felton’s legacy.

Felton’s stakeholders must see an article in The Harvard Business Review (September 2012): “Better Customer Service – in Real Time.”  Situations that influence customers’ attitudes and behaviors are cited in it. Felton’s enrollment decline could be felt in the piece.

What really impacts Felton’s enrollment? First, S.C. State faculties and local families now are much different. Numerous faculties live in the Summerville, Columbia, and Charleston, etc., areas but work locally.  Orangeburg is their revenue stream. Second, as schooling options expand, prospective enrollees migrate. Third, Felton does not award scholarships.

Felton’s leadership must capture and expand on its legacy based on visionary schemes. Attorney Thomas Sims said: “The school has built a legacy and a tradition. To take those away at this time would be devastating to the community.” He is correct.

Does the Orangeburg area desire a Felton experience? Could the Felton legacy be better carried out within a charter school context? It is conceivable the area could provide for a renewed Felton as well as other community educational options.

Here are seven suggestions for S.C. State to consider on behalf of Felton: read more…