Bennett College, the historically black women’s college known locally for civic engagement, was generous enough to post brief course descriptions online, and a handful stuck out from the more predictable course offerings. — EG

EI 420: Church and Entrepreneurship During periods of unemployment, my friends have joked about creating a church, getting some suckers to join and making livings as a pastors. The course description is more about personal growth through the church and doesn’t seem like a step-by-step guide to starting your own cash cow, instead emphasizing “student self-discovery as means to encourage discernment of the call of service and devise a plan with the potential to make a difference on campus, in the church and community.” Students do get to write a personal mission statement though.

CS 470: Computer and Society It seems each school has a variation on this seemingly basic topic: the significance of computers in 2012. Bennett’s may be a step above the rest, because this course will focus on “social implication of computing (networked communication, gender-related issues, international issues) impacts of computer-based systems upon personal privacy and civil liberties, risks and liabilities of computerbased system [and] economic issues in computing.” Even with the description, the “social implication of computing” may be one of the most vague terms in the catalog. read more…


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