D.C. had a visit from TV personality Dr. Mehmet Oz on Wednesday, and a chance to get preventative health care.

On Howard University’s campus, Oz lead a “15 Minute Physical,” a quick series of screening tests for cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes. He hoped to reach 1,000 people with the help of University doctors, students and alumni.

“The number of people who have diabetes or pre-diabetes in Washington, D.C. is almost half the population,” said Oz.

And, while Oz thinks D.C.’s health report card needs massive improvement, he thinks the numbers can change.

“These people here today are saying to us, ‘knowledge is power,'” said Oz.

Dr. Cheryl Mason, of Howard University’s class of ’81, also came to help educate and listen to Oz.

“Medicine doesn’t cure everything and sometimes we need lifestyle changes, and just appropriate information,” said Mason.

So, is there hope for D.C? Oz says yes. read more…