Some new students at Miles College were surprised to get hotel “housing” instead of the usual dorm room this year. This is due to a record Fall enrollment at the college which has left dormitories at capacity. There are now over 1,800 students on campus. That’s a 9% increase from last year.

“Our dormitories are full to capacity, students are everywhere,” said Miles President George T. French, Jr.

“It was a very deliberate and strategic process. We brought in a new enrollment team. We were very aggressive in recruiting across the nation,” said French.

With the added students comes added facilities: a new dining hall, a welcome/admissions center, and a new 240 bed residence hall.

“You know sometimes when we have growth it can be an inconvenience. Yet the progress and the growth that can be done, it will be long benefiting, and they’re just excited about that,” said Miss Miles College Bianca Moore.

“I’m very excited especially being the SGA president, to see the success and the growth,” said SGA president Michael Childress.

The school could surpass 2000 students by the 2013-2014 academic year.

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