Shaquille O’Neal (Shaq) and The Century Council are partnering to fight binge drinking on college campuses! Shaq, who recently attended film director’s school, will work alongside college students to bring the voice of the students to life by producing student-created videos addressing the serious issue of binge drinking on campus.  The effort launched on National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week 2011 (October 16-22), with a new video message a day from Shaq addressing binge drinking, and will continue throughout 2014.

The initiative with Shaq will continue the momentum generated by our sponsorship of theNational Student Advertising Competition in 2009 which revealed hundreds of student-generated campaigns with the goal of tackling binge drinking on campus. Since the competition, we have given grants to six colleges and universities to implement their student-led campaigns on campus, three of which are complete and three more are currently in progress.

“This dangerous binge drinking on college campuses has got to stop,” says Shaq. “The best way to change this culture is to have the students address the issue face to face. I’m psyched to work on this project and firmly believe we can make a difference.” Referenced