Imagine if today’s Republicans were not so deceptive, conniving, and dishonest—President Barack Obama would have successfully completed a lot more work during his first term. Coming into a situation in which the country was, and still is, in financial ruin, however, Obama faced very unique oppositions as he inherited a multitude of crises, thanks to Texan George W. Bush.

With two wars, an ugly international image, a mangled U.S. budget, a globally failing U.S. dollar, a country slipping into economic depression, an economy losing nearly 700,000 jobs per month, and a healthcare system in shambles, not to mention several other problems, our 44th U.S. President clearly had a great deal on his plate in 2008.

One would be lead to believe that as Americans, Republicans and Democrats could easily get over their petty differences in order to solve the critical issues we face today. One would, too, believe that the most un-American thing anyone could do would be to wish failure and hardship on our President’s administration. It is unthinkable to suspect that leaders whom we have elected have conspired to drive the country into the ground and make our lives more stressful for the purpose of removing the 1st Black President from office, but in reality, there simply are people out there who hate the President of the United States to such an extent that they bid to ruin him.

Republican Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan lead a party of Americans who claim they want to “take their country back.” Their campaign slogan, “Keep America American,” ironically, is the same slogan used by the Ku Klux Klan in 1922. These two candidates represent a faction of Americans who believe our President is a Muslim, and who also believe our President was not legally born in the U.S., thus making him “un-American.” Moreover, Romney and Ryan represent a very large group of Americans who regularly vote against legislation aimed to help them but as a substitute, they rather choose to support the top 1% of wealthy Americans instead.

The word ‘conspire,’ which means to make secret plans jointly to commit an unlawful or harmful act or to work together to bring about a particular result, usually to someone’s detriment, directly relates to today’s U.S. Republicans. And it seems as though they are conspiring to commit acts which will prove detrimental to the United States, and Barack Obama’s presidency.

For a President, a Congress that is either unable or unwilling to cooperate on bi-partisan progression can spell disaster. And banking on the high unlikelihood of viewers who will do their own independent fact checking, Republicans will boldly lie to the American people on national television programs with a straight face, and without remorse.

The longer we let these Republican antics continue, the worse off our country will be. Comedian Chris Rock said recently, “If you vote against Obama because he can’t get stuff done, it’s like saying ‘this guy can’t cure cancer, I’m voting for cancer.” President Obama is doing all he can to move our country forward and we need to recognize the extent to which his policies and actions have positively affected our present societal circumstances.

By Julian K. Lewis