Last night, every American had the opportunity to witness both Presidential candidates’ debate on how to solve the country’s biggest issues. The much anticipated debate showcased the two nominees and their different stances on politics in the boxing ring, exchanging verbal blows for the vote.

The debate begin with the question on how to create jobs. Responding, the President said, “America does best when the middle-class does best,” and talked about investing in education and the “Race to the top” program. While Romney talked about opening up trade in order to create jobs, and getting a balanced budget and growing the economy.

The debate moved to how will the candidates reduce the deficit. (Hence our nation is spending roughly 1 trillion more dollars than we are bringing in.)

Romney talked about cutting “Obama-care”, PBS, cutting back on employees, and, his best deficit plan yet, firing Big Bird. (Like that will solve any problems.)

If one had to sum up what Obama’s answer was, he profoundly stated, “People who make more need to pay more.” Which is not only innovative, this statement also soaks in what is moral and ethical.

One point for Obama.

If you watched the debate, maybe you realized, too, that Mr. Romney overstepped the moderator’s authority numerous times and made a lot of general statements. All of this while continually making a divisive grin that reminded me of acts of Hitler or Osama bin Laden.

It portrayed, in my opinion, an ulterior motive that will be detrimental to our nation. When watching and seeking to interpret political agendas, we must talk about “the plan behind the plan” If there wasn’t “a plan behind a plan”, Romney would never contradict himself frequently.

President Obama said, “Part of being principled and part of being a leader is being able to describe what it is you intend to do.” Romney has never intelligently described what it is that he intends to do because it always contradicts what he said previously.

Two points, and counting.

Though the media declared the president as the loser in the debate (and apparently, similar to the NFL, politics hired “replacement referees” to call the show last night), the last time I checked, he eloquently described a better plan than Mitt Romney.

President Obama showed America an oratorical genius last night, thus making him the true winner of the first debate.

After witnessing the debate, my vote is pro Obama. Romney just maybe down and out, but Democrat voters still must show up to the ballot, for Big Bird’s sake.