WILBERFORCE—Hundreds of students at an area university are threatening to leave the school for another.

More than 330 of 489 students at Wilberforce University on North Bickett Road requested withdrawal papers from the school, and marched together to get transfer papers to nearby Central State University.

Students with the protest group told News Center 7 staff their reasons include high tuition costs, a reduction in services including dorm space, and mold concerns.

Brandon Harvey, a member of the student government, said the students “came together, got withdrawals and marched to get transfer papers. If we are not heard, over 200 students will transfer.”

Wilberforce President Dr. Patricia Lofton Hardaway said “the University continues to work in the best interest of the students. We don’t take this as a gauntlet; as a line in the sand. Students are our reason for existing and we have long been a place of access and success and we know that we will continue.”

Hardaway said the school will continue to speak to students and address their concerns.

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