When the Bluefield State College Presidential Selection Committee announced the selection of Dr. Marsha Krotseng to serve as BSC president,  slipped off the local radar screen for a while. At the time, Blevins was serving his second hitch as interim president at BSC, but he was also one of three candidates in the running for the presidency.

“We’re always really lucky to be here,” Blevins, 63, said of his 41-year relationship with his college alma mater. “It isn’t like the college doesn’t have detractors at the state level.”

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Indeed, BSC has never really had an easy row to hoe from 1895 when it was founded to meet the educational needs of African-American students from the southern West Virginia coalfields. BSC’s first President Hamilton Hatter, had to deal with extreme economic hardships during the Jim Crow era, when the state enjoyed tax revenues from the coalfields, but very little of that trickled back to help the families of the coal miners. read more…