There are four finalists for the job as Tennessee State University president, in which all four conducted an interview with HBCU Buzz.

Dr. Bennie Harris, one of the finalist, received a Bachelor’s from Mississippi State in Industrial Engineering, an MBA from Washington State and a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from University of Alabama. Dr. Harris released a statement with HBCU Buzz, stating, “I am excited to speak on a unique and solid mission. I look forward to possibly serving and having a conversation with faculty and students.”

Dr. Glenda Glover is the only TSU grad among the finalist. She plans to ensure that TSU remains competitive, TSU forms business partnerships for fundraising and TSU increases in enrollment, and believes that the areas that she has studied and worked in make her great for the position.

“I want to give back to the University that gave so much to me,” Dr. Glover said an interview.

Dr. Glover received a Bachelor’s in Mathematics from Tennessee State University, an MBA from Clark Atlanta, a law degree and Ph. D. in Business Economics and Policy degree, both from Georgetown University.

Working with enrollment management to transform TSU from an 8K student population to 12K, Dr. Candace Campbell-Jackson believes healthy enrollment is key. In an interview with HBCU Buzz, Dr. Campell-Jackson said if she is selected, she will spend 3-4 months with campus stake-holders to fully understand all the goals.

“Communities need 21st century HBCU’s that address 21st century problems and graduate 21st century students,” Dr. Campbell-Jackson said.

Dr. Campbell-Jackson has won a Humanitarian Award in the past; she received a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Howard University and a law degree from University of Akron School of law.

Greg Duckett, vice chairman of the Tennessee Board of Regents and search committee chair, released a press statement saying, “The search committee is pleased to recommend an excellent group of candidates for consideration. We look forward to learning more about each of them and giving them an opportunity to meet with TSU family and friends.”

Dr. Campbell made her visit to the yard of TSU, and Dr. Bennie Harris plans his visit Tuesday, October 30th. The other candidates will follow as the week progresses.

More information on the finalist and their visit can be found at the school’s website.

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