Most of us recognize that the racist climate and sex-based discrimination of the past is exactly that: the past. But there is always that one bad apple that steers masses off a cliff.

With the exception of few persons who I dare not judge, Americans have gradually moved forward from the prejudice times of yesteryear. Though some are ill-informed of this new belief system, the rest of us are happy in unity and pleased with life—it is the 21st century, you know.

In most recent news, the bad apple behind the latest wheel of delusion is Republican Rep. Jon Hubbard of Jonesboro, Arkansas.

“… the institution of slavery that the black race has long believed to be an abomination upon its people may actually have been a blessing in disguise,” says Mr. Hubbard.

Ah…to be or not to be, that angry black man…

Well, I’ll take the “angry black man” for 300, please.

Three-hundred years of torment, agony, and cruelty is what blacks in America have to showcase today because of slavery. While blacks was busy thinking of a master’s plan for freedom (among severer things), whites were chillin’, busy doing whatever was presumed as hard work at the time.

Sure, slavery was a blessing in disguise; I doubt if America, who Mr. Hubbard calls the “greatest nation ever established upon the face of the Earth, would exist if slavery did not happen here.

But I digress.

Running for a seat in the House, and from fire for statements in the book Letters to the Editor: Confessions of a Frustrated Conservative, should be the least of his worries.

He says, in offense, “They attacked me because I’m a conservative, and they’ve taken small portions of my book out of context, and distorted what was said to make it appear that I am racist, which is totally and completely false.”

I personally don’t know Mr. Hubbard, but his statements suggest he is nearly a know-it-all, and someone ought of knock him off his pedestal, before the car crashes.


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