In a society where one is considered innocent until proven guilty; for 36 young men and women it was the opposite a few weeks ago. I saw news reports for four days on allegations of hazing against the North Carolina Central University Marching Sound Machine drum line, but only one evening report once they were reinstated. They were innocent victims and convicted before evidence was investigated and allegations examined. What happens to the honor students or those that may be considering applying to grad schools? The negative impact of a long investigation or even allegations getting out the media without all the facts can impact them.

While I applaud the administration of North Carolina Central University for taking the allegations of such a serious manner and acting on them promptly, I do feel more could have been done to protect all the students to keep a cloud from hanging over their heads. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill did just that with the nine reported hazing allegations on campus. They made a simple statement that they could not provide any details of the reports, including the chapters involved, because the investigation is ongoing.
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