By Anayka Pomare, HBCU Buzz Staff Writer

It’s officially homecoming season and Tauheed Epps, better known as rapper “2 chainz” performed for Bowie State’s homecoming last Thursday.

“Everyone come from behind the net and come to the front,” was the first statement the amped rapper made before performing. 2 Chainz walked on stage with authentic leather skinny jeans, the exclusive Yeezy 2’s, a white fitted t-shirt, two gold chains, and three huge gold flashy bracelets.

At one moment, he paused, panned the stadium, and said “Why they got y’all behind this net like y’all going to attack me or something, everyone one come from behind the net and come to the front.”

The excited Bowie State fans ran on the field to get up close and personal with 2 Chainz.

After performing two full songs he stopped the show and made an announcement. “I apologize for wanting to entertain y’all, this is what I do for a living,” stated the upset rapper, after being told he’s fans were not able to stand on the field at Bowie stadium.

Seemingly frustrated, the rap sensation sat down on stage with his arms folded and said, “I might as well start singing R&B since we can’t get hyped.”

2 Chainz later complained about media being on the field, since his fans lost the right to stand on the field.

“Nobody can stand on the field if my fans can’t, even the camera man, nigga [sic] get off the field,” shouted 2 Chainz, and refused to continue performing until the lead cameraman covering his performance removed himself from the field.

Watching his performance, I must say 2 Chainz is beyond a GREAT performer. His energy is crazy live. (I definitely had to catch myself and remember that I was at work.)

After the performance, I had the pleasure of asking 2 Chainz his feelings towards his overall performance. He responded, riding away in a green lawn cart, “I love my fans, I wanted to get up close and personal with them. I wanted to get hyped but the [expletive] ass security complained about the students messing up the field.”

Bowie State fans were hyped after the performance, and I decided to catch up with a few of them.

When I asked sophomore Tarshena Hooks how she felt about the performance, she stated, “I love Titty Boy [the rapper’s former stage name], that nigga [sic] there knows how to put on a show.”

I guess I wasn’t the only person who felt the wild energy 2 Chainz left behind.

For more of the unpredictable rapper, you can catch him at Howard University’s legendary yard fest, performing live on Friday October 19, 2012.