Young Money founder Lil Wayne is calling it quits after “The Carter V” album drops, spending 20 or so years in the game. (He signed his first contract with Cash Money Records at age 9 and went platinum at age 14!)

For years now, Lil Wayne has proven that his brand and the word ‘respect’ goes hand in hand: he has more entries on Billboard’s Hot 100 than Elvis Presley, and respect define as, to admire (someone or something) deeply, as a result of their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

So, what’s left to do?

Check out The Urban Daily‘s Jerry L. Barrow piece on why the rap mogul should retire.


Lil Wayne signed to Cash Money Records before he could even pee straight and went on to sell millions of records.  After two decades of making girls wobbledy-wobble Weezy is ready to hang up the mic. In 2011 he told radio host Angie Martinez that he’d retire by age 35, and he has now reinforced that statement with MTV’s Sway Calloway, insisting that Tha Carter V would be his last album.

Given recent events we have five good reasons why retiring from music is a good idea or Lil Tunechi.


Despite early reports by his handlers, Weezy’s work schedule is effecting his health. Wayne suffered seizure like symptoms aboard his private jet and is now taking prescription medication to keep it in check. Given that his homey Rick Ross  and  record exec Vince Herbert suffered from the same condition and we lost Heavy D to blood clots related to excessive flying, cutting out the need to rejoin the Mile High Club each week might be wise.

Fashion Sense

In July of 2012 Lil Wayne joined the long list of rappers to launch clothing lines. But have you seen these clothes? Zebra striped jeggings and neon T-shirts?  It looks like Bret Michaels’ tour bus was raped by an Army surplus store. He clearly needs to spend more time on his sewing skills and less time in the studio if he’s serious about this.

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