Recently, I discovered a blog called, and according to the site, it’s dedicated to uniting black men, and reminding  them of brotherhood and their value as men in this society. ThyBlackMan‘s Nojma Muhammad’s in-your-face “Say It Loud: I’m Pregnant, Ratchet & Proud” piece about rapper Wiz Khalifa and his beautiful, pregnant wife, Amber Rose, is quite interesting. Check out his response to a tweet Amber Rose sent from her Twitter account:


So recently on Twitter, Amber Rose said that she “loves it when Wiz calls her his baby mama because it makes her feel ratchet and she likes it.”

One of the definitions of the word ratchet according to the Urban Dictionary is:

(adjective) a term for someone that is either;

1. A whore
2. Dirty/Nasty
3. Ghetto as HELL
4. Annoying
5. Busted

So….. this is how building his legacy makes her feel. This is what she is thinking while she is pregnant with his child. Brothers, I keep telling you to look beyond big asses, thick thighs, and a pretty face because NONE of that is relevant if her mind isn’t right. You mess around and have your future trapped in an undeveloped mind, your child being held hostage in a mind that is not even close to thinking like God, therefore lacking the capability to give birth to one!

It’s already been revealed that she is having a boy. Let’s refer back to number one of the ratchet definition, which is “a whore” and  if she likes the way that makes her feel what is she teaching her son, regarding his view  of women  while he is in the womb? What will be his treatment of women?  A whore is defined as:

A woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, usually for money; prostitute; harlot; strumpet.

If his MOTHER likes the way being a whore makes her “feel” then what type of woman will her son seek? Is he more likely to treat a woman like a whore, or already see her as such, and assume that she likes the way being a whore makes her feel, since this is something he learned from his mother? Right now because of her warped views and mindset, she is instilling warped views in the mind of her son.

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