The fellas over at The Princeton Review recently named Tuskegee University as the ‘least awesome college town’ in the nation. Hmm…I wonder why?

Blacks represent 95 percent of the population in Tuskegee, Alabama, where TU was founded in 1881. Famed educator Booker T. Washington got the nod to become the university’s ‘first teacher’ and took the century old school from “no land, no buildings and no teachers” to a worldwide history bank.

Also telling, blacks reportedly have a median household net worth of $4,995.

Note: Tuskegee University, (whose students are 80 percent black) was founded in 1881, and the town within the school is populated mostly by blacks, who make 22 times less wealth than whites.

With all the statistics stacked up against TU, for the historically black university to still stand today is simply impressive. And though it may be ranked as the least awesome college town, I’m more than positive the campus community makes up for it tenfold.


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