As the holiday season approaches and more clothes are worn, many people stop picking up weights and start picking up plates. There are some easy steps to take if one wants to maintain their current weight, or even lose some pounds, this season. (Remember, ‘Spring Break’ is right around the corner!) 

Trick your body into thinking that you’re full

The easiest way to maintain or lose weight is to drink plenty of fluids before you eat, so you won’t have the stomach to gorge yourself throughout a meal.

Pick a smaller plate. A lot of your stomach’s appetite has to do with your eyes. When grabbing for a plate, try small proportions of each side you can get your hands on: your eyes will be satisfied because it looks like you’re eating more, but you’re really eating less.

Ignore grandmas’ charm, and Don’t take leftovers

As tempting as it might be to take some of your grandmother’s world famous mac and cheese home with you this is season, don’t! You’ll only be adding extra carbs along with cutting out healthier options that you may have available in your refrigerator.

Go Green

Eat fresh and colorful fruits and vegetables with every meal. This will help fill you up as well as give you a healthy alternative to the heavy fatty foods.

Stay active!

Treat your body like a well oiled machine. Try to go to your local gym, walk the dog, or even implement a simple workout routine into your schedule. This is a simple way to help burn calories and condition your body to the point that it becomes accustomed to working out.