Tommy and Zaria (niece)From the Staff of HBCU Buzz, we wish you all a Happy New Year!

I’m on this “New Year, new me” phase that’s the entire rave on social networks right now. Only I’ve been working.

Or maybe I’m just being arrogant (my normal self). Nonetheless, I’m happy to say I’m blessed and highly ambitious, and I hope those reading can say the same.

The year 2012 came and left unexpectedly, in a sense, and I expect identical results for the current year, too. Thus we must strive to make the New Year yet another memorable one.

Some may say, “Life sucks,” believing they’re not blessed heading down an unknown road, struggling to find themselves and are downright unhappy. But remember those who lost their lives last year; to be able to right-click and scroll down this letter is a blessing in itself.

Subsequently, those who are privileged to wake up each morning are promised unlimited happiness and clarity (not mentioning the fiscal cliff of yesteryear), so let’s live up to it.

Continue creating yourself as you embark on new adventures and opportunity this year, and even all-time lows. Indeed, that’s life in a gist.

And summon up more awesome moments doing so.

Once more, Happy New Year from us to you.

Tommy Meade Jr. is the Senior Editor of HBCU Buzz, and a student at “the best” HBCU: Central State University. Follow him on Twitter: @ThomasCatacus