Late to a previous class, I found myself right on colored folk time arriving to my next ‘get-together’: 2:00 o’clock Geology. Hooray.

Our “professor” is short in height, black/African, and…reserved in clothing, to say the least.

Meanwhile, some of my fellow colleagues and I prepared to enjoy class with our usual routine. I counted 5 or so cellphones (thumbs inching for Twitter), 2 or 3 side conversations and about 25% participation points.

photoYou’d think you’re back in high school.

Perhaps I’m too cool for school, but do HBCU professors suck? Well, when there’s smoke, there’s fire.

[And with an onslaught of negative publicity on historically black institutions, I’m positive other enrolled students feel the same as I.]

Such a troubling observation caused me to run the question by the means of the wisest individual I know: myself, on Twitter and Facebook, of course.

All the same, an older and much wiser Central State alumna quickly took to the “professors” defense on Facebook, saying, “It’s just you. You cannot judge all professors, all institutions because of one experience.”

…No points for Tommy.

Indeed, I believe she is right, however. Surely it is up to me (and you, the student) to thrive no matter what obstacle is annoyingly in my way.

But what about being closed-minded about the matter?  Are professors only in it for the dolla-dolla bills, y’all?

Two other CSU graduates suggest challenging the professor, too; not necessarily to prove one’s own wit, or to harm the professor. Rather, more for reassurance purposes for self.

With that type of mentality, it’s always chicken for dinner, money in the bank, and imaginably opportunity for universal peace. [But let’s take care of home, first.]

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Tommy is the Senior Editor of HBCU Buzz and a junior at Central State University. Follow him on Twitter @ThomasCatacus