We had yet another exciting & always opinionated episode of The HBCU Buzz Show on March 26, 2013. Wrapping up with National Women’s History Month we had to tackle the reality of women on “reality tv.” Most of us watch it, know it’s for entertainment, but what about the young women who idolize these so-called “stars.”

With the constant barrage from the media & world of reality tv, there is usually a common thread.. the image of groups of grown, and somewhat successful woman, playing the highschool mean girls games for an entire season. For those of us usually 25 & up this is purely a source of entertainment, but for impressionable younger black girls this is the image they are given as being “women” daily. What happened to role models being in the home, church, school, etc?? We welcome Award-winning singer Mya, Kat Calvin, founder of Black Girls Hack, and the always opinionated and hilarious Panama Jackson, 1/2 of very Smart Brothas to our discussion.

Kat Calvin                                                 Panama JacksonKat CalvinPanama Jackson